Zakinl, synonymic to “A FIELD PLANTED WITH VEGETABLES & HERBS”, began its journey in 2007. Our unmatched traceability model is reinforced with a firm agriculture foundation. Certified to practice agriculture under GAP & Organic Standards, over a thousand acres of open and green house cultivation compliments the company’s motto.

In addition to raw material management solutions, production & processing facilities are located on site, eliminating logistical raw material quality issues.

Zakinl has proprietary extraction processes for standardization of an innovative product range with strict quality control measures. Held to the highest global standards, Zakinl creates a wide range of products that cater to the Food, Cosmetic, Nutraceuticals & Pharmaceuticals industries.

A resolute R&D department enables us to excel in formulating products that you require.

Our goal is to work “IN PARTNERSHIP WITH NATURE” to provide a healthier future.



Certified for “GAP” ““Good Agricultural Practice””, a collective principles on-farm production methods and post-production processes, resulting in safe and healthy food and non-food agricultural products, while taking into account economical, social and environmental sustainability. Maintaining of validated scientific data on quality, safety & efficacy
Complying with complex legislation Local, regional, national and international rules and regulation. Maintaining of common database, integrated production techniques at each of its farms, enables traceability and safety of natural products in production and utilization. The increased reliability in the production / collection practices of these species is meant to contribute to acceptance of these commodities by all of our customers.
“Certified by SGS for GAP farming ” headquarters at Geneva., Switzerland

Organic Cultivation

Zakinl practices Organic farming methods that incorporate the use of purely natural products and techniques without the use of chemicals. Utilizing the best of both traditional and modern techniques, these include the use of worm culture and animal and green compost for fertilizers to build up soil fertility, mainly using local natural resources.

Crop rotation and natural pest management techniques, preventing pests by planting a bio diverse range of crops, by rotations, and using natural, biological and environment friendly sprays combined with latest scientific techniques such as bio control and microbial fertilizers.

“Certified by LACON” – subsidiary of LACON GmbH., Germany




Zakinl is committed to Quality and determined to give the best products process and services to our customers and clients, we work in full compliance with global standards norms and regulation and have received certifications from GAP by SGS, Organic Certification by LACON, BRC quality systems.

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Our start of art R&D facility meets global standards, our dedicated works in close cooperate with customers and international partners. With this driving and innovating force, we deliver custom made application solutions proven to be an optimal answer to specific customer and market needs.

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